Friday, February 1, 2013


Kat sat down at the computer terminal, exhausted.

The day had been hectic, trying to keep the Minmatar from taking Kamela. It had failed, but they'd held on and even won a battle that had cost the Minmatar more than they had hoped to lose, but in the end, Kamela still fell. She had lost two ships, a cruiser and a destroyer, but she still felt like she'd acquitted herself well. Not that it mattered.

She was surprised that Almity, the fleet commander in her corporation, could keep leading fleets out again and again in the face of the odds that the Minmatar, newly reinforced (at least it seemed) and pushing in against all opposition. That only increased her respect for Almity.

She reflected on the last time she had been to Cerra Manor to relax. She'd ended up heading to a club with Shalee, her new friend, despite being part of the corp directorate, in search of some dancing. Even though the club had been fairly empty, she'd enjoyed chatting with Shalee greatly. She sighed, leaned back and rubbed her eyes with her hands.

The computer chimed that she had a new message.
"Alright, Alright." She said tiredly, "Time to get to report writing, I know."

As she prepared to go back to typing up her after action reports, her thoughts went to her family for a quick second, but she brushed them aside, mentally telling them that she was doing this for them, so what had happened to them wouldn't happen to others, and tried not to think of the hypocrisy inherent in that thought, since she had killed thousands just that day, both on her own ships, and on the ships her weapons had ravaged.

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