Thursday, January 31, 2013


The Abaddon-class battleship cracked in half under the lasers of her Omen-class cruiser Principality, shortly before a volley from a Raven-class battleship (Navy Issue, no less) came streaking in and pulverized the wreckage with electromagnetic energy.

She shuddered and twisted in her sleep.

She gave the order to fire, aboard her Abaddon, Wrath of Perdition. The battery of tachyon energy beams licked out into the void and instantly crossed the ~100km to the hostile Sabre-class interdictor destroyer, leaving it heavily damaged and desperately trying to escape.

Another jerk, another toss, but She was still no closer to waking.

Her Hurricane-class battlecruiser Ol' Speedy was optimized for anti bomber work, known in the trade as an instacane. It came out of warp along with the rest of the instacane fleet, 90 strong hovering several hundred kilometers over the station in HED-GP, flying cover to defend the Pandemic Legion capital ships who were taking the station. The station surrendered, and the capital ships began jumping out, leaving the Hurricanes, the bombers they were hunting, and a pack of -A- Tengu-class strategic cruisers on the field. 

She looks up as an alarm tells her she cannot warp. A friendly interdictor has accidentally bubbled the fleet. An instant later, the overview starts clamoring for attention as the bombers begin uncloaking and dropping bombs. She orders her gunners to engage the nearest bomber, and watches it get hammered.

She then wakes up in the station in K-6.

Another, more violent jerk, and She is farther than ever from waking.

She begins to align to the jump bridge that is her next destination as 2 hostile Rupture-class cruisers and a Rifter-class frigate land on top of her Hurricane-class battlecruiser, this one optimized for close range knife fighting. She tries to flee through the nearby stargate, but with her speed and the webifying the enemy was doing, the twelve kilometers might as well have been a hundred forty. She targets one of the Ruptures and focuses all six of her guns, her two stasis webifiers, and her warp disruptor on it, and watches it burn. Her eyes then turn to the other Rupture. 

Sweat begins to collect in her sheets as She continues to writhe in the unbreakable clutch of her nightmare.

She looks up in alarm from the Infrastructure hub the fleet commander had them shooting at, as many Minmatar cruisers drop out of warp near her. She orders her Thrasher-class destroyer to warp to a station as the other destroyers and frigates scatter. She then swears as one of the cruisers managed to disrupt her warp, and she returned fire helplessly as her destroyer was ripped apart.

She awakens with a gasp and bolts upright in the bed in her small quarters in the Siseide station and looks around with the pistol she took from under her pillow in hand. she stands up and rather unsteadily makes her way to the small bar and pours herself something, despite not being able to see what since the lights are off and tosses the glass down, not caring to taste it, and almost doubles over as the brandy burns it's way down.

Feeling slightly better, she walks over to the computer as it pings and says, "Imperial Major Katerina Tzestu, you have one unread message."

"Read it to me."

Kat doesn't wait for an answer, but goes directly to the balcony overlooking the docking bay where her Crusader-class interceptor, Templar, waited for her. While she admired the sleek look of the interceptor, she also reflected on her recent move.

It has been barely two weeks since she moved from being a cog in the machine that was TEST Alliance, a major power in nullsec, the area of space with no (or negative) security status, to being a loyal soldier fighting the Reclamation for the Amarr Empire. With that thought, her thoughts then drifted towards the members of her new corp. She was incredibly grateful to them, both for taking her in, and for becoming the friends she'd hoped they would be. She just hoped that her past wouldn't come to haunt her, especially her brother.

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