Friday, February 15, 2013

What Makes a Capsuleer?

Kat woke up slowly, idly stroking the hand that was cupping her breast. He was rather cute, she thought, but why would he risk sleeping with a capsuleer? Aren't we supposed to be dangerous to mortals? She made a mental note to ask him when he woke up, along with his name.

After hearing the news of her brother's most recent actions, she'd hidden away for a bit in her room, then when that became to oppressive, in space, trying to run from it. But to no avail. Last night had been the lowest point, she'd gotten drunk enough as to not be thinking, but still not drunk enough to pass out or stumble too badly. And she'd wandered around the station she was in, she still wasn't sure whether it was in Siseide or Egghelende, eventually finding a bar. She'd drank, and danced, then pulled a random guy who she'd been dancing with out of the bar, and by the time they'd stumbled back to her apartment, he could barely keep his hands off her.

She'd loved the feeling as he unfastened her bra, and the look of pure lust gleaming in his eyes as he looked her over in the dim light. She reflected on the pure ecstasy as he penetrated her, and his hands caressed her breats, or her face. She felt no guilt at all about the meaningless sex, or knowing that she would toss him out soon and never see him again. Surely I would have never done this before becoming what I am. Her mental train slammed to a halt at that thought. Is this what it means to be a capsuleer? That I am to forsake what good was in me, to kill and fuck and otherwise ignore those lesser humans who do not have the option to live more than once?

Kat got up, put on a robe and put an instant breakfast tray into the cooker. She then looked at the sleeping form on her bed, and for a second saw someone else, not a random stranger. She popped a second tray into the cooker. When it was done, she took them both over to the bed, and gently woke him.

"Good morning." Kat said with a slight grin. "Morning, what time is it?" He said as he got up. She handed him a tray, which he accepted with a smile. "It's about 9, you have somewhere to be?" He shakes his head, "No, but I was expecting to be sleeping for a while longer." She sat next to him, and said, "We don't require that much sleep. But I was meaning to ask your name, since if we were introduced, I must not remember it." He takes a fork full of eggs from the tray, and after swallowing them says, "Pete. And we weren't introduced, you just started dancing with me, then pulled me away." She blushes a bit and looks down, "Kat." He chuckles a bit and says, "You've never done this before, have you?" "No," She replies, "It's not like many people to sleep with a capsuleer." She says in a slightly anxious tone. He nods, and says, "I will admit, if I'd known when you pulled me away, I might not have come. But by the time I'd noticed, I wasn't about to stop. Why were you in that bar anyways? It's not a normal place to find one such as yourself" She blushes again, and says quietly, "I was lost, and in the mood to stay that way. I'd rather not say further."

He nods quickly, and says, "I've heard stories, you know." She looks over at him, and says, "About?" He looks a bit hesitant to say, but eventually replied, "About your kind, and what they do to normal humans. I was hoping just to make it out alive, when I saw your back. Speaking of which, I should go." She nodded, and said, "It was nice meeting you Pete, but I doubt we'll meet again." and made no move to get up or show him out as he dressed and left.

"It's better this way." Kat said softly after he left.

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