Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Patrol, sleep, patrol again, sleep again. Such had been life in recent times, as the Minmatar slowly gained ground, and the Amarr seemed powerless to stop them. And on top of it, Ryven had disappeared, leaving only a cryptic note saying that he'd be back. That had been weeks ago, and every day had been the same.

Kat awoke, like any day, to an empty suite, which was still decorated in the tasteful manner Ryven preferred, although she had added a few small personal items like a picture of her parents, and she had also just about taken over his closet, but that was to be expected. She dressed in a simple Militia uniform, and walked outside heading for the landing pad. She expected the Terrace to be empty, as it normally was. Instead she saw Shalee's distinctive golden-blue hair, along with a few men. She steered towards the group to quickly say hi, until she realized that one of the men was Ryven. She smiled brightly and hugged him from behind, then stood close beside him through the ensuing conversation, even when Xolve mysteriously teleported to the bar from his carrier deep in lawless space and the consternation that had followed. After a while Ryven looked at her, his eyes asked for her to stay for a while. She smiled back at him, and he turned and excused the two of them, and led her back to their suite for them to catch up on the time that they had missed.

Hours later, Kat stepped out onto the empty Terrace, in the same uniform. She headed to the shuttle bay and out to start her patrols. The feeling she'd had for weeks, the repetition of endless patrols, had been brushed aside far more easily than she'd ever dreamt it could, and she faced this upcoming patrol determined to not just halt, but push back the Minmatar.

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