Thursday, July 25, 2013


    Kat woke slowly in her new suite at the Cerra Manor, this one far larger and nicer than the one she'd had before, as befitting it's location on the director's level. She looked over to see if her boyfriend Ryven was there, and upon seeing that she was alone, she got up and took a quick shower, then pulled on her clothes, the awkward feeling of a new clone had mostly faded over the last few days, but still lingered in the background, refusing to stop reminding her of her death in Old Man Star. However, the feeling had diminished far faster than normal, which she credited Ryven for. She finished dressing, then strolled out to the shuttle pad, on the way to her basic patrols. On the way she reflected again on Ryven, amazed that they'd been able to connect after only three dates, and yet were already comfortable enough with each other for her to move in with him.

*                                 *                                   *                                    *                                    *

   Several hours later, She returned to the terrace, summoned by Shalee. She saw Shalee, who had just entered the terrace and headed over. "You wanted to see me?" She asked as she drew near.
"Yeah." Shalee said, and motioned to the bar, "Let's have a seat?" and immediately walked over to the bar and sat in a barstool. Kat followed, not sure what she wanted, but a little apprehensive, as she knew that Ryven and Shalee had been together before. She was a little worried that Shalee would have taken offense at them getting together, but surely she wouldn't begrudge Kat her happiness?
Kat slid into the adjacent barstool, "Have you seen Ellara lately?"
Shalee responded by shaking her head, "No, I've been away for five days now." She paused to order a drink, indicating for Kat to do the same. "So. You're seeing Ryven?"
Kat felt a lead weight drop in her stomach, "Yes I am, is this a problem?"
Shalee simply nodded, "Yes. It's unbecoming of someone in his position to be fraternizing with someone in yours."
Kat looked completely blindsided -that response was something she'd expect from the Empire, not Shalee- "You think either of us would abuse that?"
Shalee picked up her glass and took a sip, "No, I do not. But as I have learned, the hard way I might add, that appearances are everything, it doesn't matter what the truth is, it matters more what people think. Especially the Amarr."
Kat sighed, looking completely crushed, "So you want us to stop."
Shalee quirked her brow, "You would stop if I gave the command?"
Kat had to chuckle at that, albiet wryly, "You know me Shalee, I don't think I can. But what else can you do? It wouldn't be fair to demote him."
Shalee, still gave no hints as to what she was thinking, "No, It wouldn't be fair to demote him. That is why I am going to promote you to an official Recruitment Officer."
Kat looked even more dumbstruck as before, if that was even possible. "You're promoting me?"
Shalee calmly responded. "I am. Unless you don't want it?" Her eyes had a slightly humorous gleam at that.
Kat shook her head quickly, as if going any slower would confirm that she didn't want the promotion, and hugged Shalee tightly while Tiger stepped onto the Terrace . "I should have known you'd not try to break us up, Thank you!"
Shalee hugged Kat back, a smile slowly spreading. "Of course not, I want you to be happy."
Tiger walked up to the bar where Shalee and Kat were sitting. He looked slightly confused, and frowned while speaking, "Good evening."
When he spoke, Shalee's face paled slightly, and she stared at him for a moment before finally getting out a simple greeting. Kat looked over at Tiger oddly, after she saw the look on Shalee's face, then looked over towards the manor house to greet Kimsemus, a capsuleer that had left Imperial service to participate in a war, fighting on the side of the Northern Coalition, as he approached the bar and ordered a drink, and began chatting idly with Kat as she left Shalee and Tiger to talk.

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