Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Stain, 41JS-R, TG-Z23 III Moon 8, True Power Logistic Support.

The station was of Caldari origins, and was nothing like the typical empire-dweller's image of a system deep in the lawlessness of zero security space. It was clean, well lit, and well populated. The people in there were as diverse, bright, and nearly indistinguishable from the people who lived in similar station in empire space, with the exception of the Sansha Slaves, people taken in the ever increasing raids that Sansha's Nation makes into the more 'secure' sectors of space, cloned, and brainwashed to serve Sansha. Like her long lost husband.

A worn, beaten Thrasher-class destroyer settled into a docking bay, and Kat slipped out of her quarters in search of a Nation contact she had met when her previous alliance, TEST alliance, had deployed to the area months ago, for reasons she'd never cared to learn. She strolled down the corridors openly, not attempting to disguise herself. After all, who would expect a member of the Amarr Militia to be out in Stain of all places? In addition, her thrasher, decrepit though it was, still bore the markings of TEST alliance, and anyone who would recognize her here, would recognize her as a TEST pilot.

Her green eyes calmly located the door she was looking for, and she barged in without knocking, to an office area with a small reception desk whose occupant, a young girl, was staring at Kat with an awed and scared expression. Kat motioned briefly for her to leave, and the girl jerked up shakily and dashed from the room. Even before the girl had gotten up, Kat had already moved on, and burst into the office of the man she'd come so far to see.

An old man, still well built despite hair which had gone white years ago, calmly looked up as if Kat's entrance was an anticipated appointment. "Kat. What can I do for a young lady such as yourself?"

Kat sighed, then sat and laid a laser pistol on his desk, "Let's skip the part where I threaten you and you cavalierly brush it off, Marchant, and get to the chase."
"Alright, I suppose . You're wanting Nation information on the Tribal Liberation Force. And I'm supposed to just....give this to you. And why would I do that?" He leaned back, with an air of negotiating a business deal, not an air of being threatened.
"Because I need it. Badly"
"And I'm so inclined to pity."
Kat stood and leaned over the desk, "I don't need pity, what I need is the information on where one person will be, and when." Her Innocence recoiled at the implications of that thought, but she ignored it.
Marchant sighed and turned to his terminal. He started typing on it for a few minutes while Kat eased herself back into the chair. After a few minutes he looked back at her, "He'll be in the 24th Imperial Crusade Station in Huola, in 2 days. He should be there for at least a day, if not longer."
Kat stood and laid a hand on the laser pistol casually, as if to return it to her bag, all the while her Innocence was screaming at her. "Well assuming that's all, I have other bus-" Marchant recoiled as Kat quickly brought the weapon up and fired once. The voice in her head that was her Innocence became just a little big quieter as he slumped down in his chair, eyes as glass.
Kat calmly returned the pistol to her bag, then stepped out into the hallway and walked to the hangar bays. On the way to her hangar bay she noticed that Marchant's hangar had a marvelous looking Malediction-class interceptor that she could use to speed her return to the warzone. She boarded it with a grin, satisfied that it was capsuleer compatible, and requested permission to undock.

((For those that are interested, the OOC story behind this is rather amusing, I was tired one night and decided that I missed having an interceptor to play around with, since it turns out that an active MWD, 2 Overdrives, 2 Nanos, and agility rigs do not a tank make, especially around station guns. So I had 2 options, I could either A) buy a new interceptor or the completely ridiculous, B) jump clone into delve (K-6 to be precise, which you may know is currently owned by TEST alliance, and since I wasn't blue, that meant once I undocked I couldn't redock, and I couldn't do anything in station besides sell stuff and undock.) and take a tunnelsnake (a free T1 fit thrasher given out to people who need ships in TEST) over to Stain where I had left a Malediction after a TEST deployment. So naturally I chose the 2nd option before anyone could try to talk me out of it. In my defense I was exhausted and wasn't thinking straight, and the trip was rather fun. But while I was in Period Basis with everyone on comms telling me I was a total idiot, Shalee gives me this look (well I imagine her giving it to me) and says something along the lines of "You better have a good RP reason for doing this!" And much to everyone's surpise (Tigerfish bodly proclaimed as I was undocking from Delve that I would be dead in less than 10 minutes) I managed to not only arrive safely in Stain, but to get to our home station with the interceptor (and myself) fully intact.))

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