Friday, April 19, 2013

What Makes Right?

The men boarded the Prorator-class transport as Kat looked on, her face impassive despite her inner turmoil. A large part of her detested the way slavery was carried out in a lot of the Empire, but another part of her decried what she was doing, as transporting what she strongly suspected were Minmatar agents into an active warzone could only be seen as treason. But she needed what they could offer, and so she was set.

After her brother (at least in her mind there was no doubt) had managed to abduct her a few weeks ago, for reasons known only to him, she'd realized that she couldn't ignore the issue any longer. And so she had a choice, she could turn to her superiors, and trust that they would trust her and help her deal with her brother who was acting as a Minmatar agent. She snorted derisively at that thought. Her second option was to develop some contacts among the Minmatar, and do something about that.

She sighed as the last of the men entered the ship, then walked briskly towards her capsule to prepare for the flight.

*                           *                           *                           *                           *                           *                           

2 days. Kat slumped down in a chair in her room in the Cerra Manor on Huola, where she had taken residence since she'd been drugged and taken from her room. She glared at her empty glass, then dropped it down onto the desk in disgust. 2 days since I betrayed my Empire.

She sighed, frustrated, angry, and torn, with no clue who to go to, or what to do. She'd already hurt Shalee once, and had no intention of ever doing it again, Ellara hadn't reacted well, and she had her own issues. She dared not even consider telling her new boyfriend, Josh, for fear of his reaction. And so the end result was she was very much alone with her mistake. 

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